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Sam Brownley

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A Beta Reader is a valuable step in the process of writing a book. For three months I sit at my desk until I've finished this book. Once I've done that, I give it a little polish, neaten the cuffs and shine the shoes a little before I send it to a Beta reader or two.

What I'm hoping for is for any glaring story errors to be spotted. Like Uncle Bernard was Uncle Brian for twenty pages, or Chapter Thirty-Six is on Monday 15th December. There wasn't a Monday 15th December in 1988 - it's the 12th, so that means ALL the dates are wrong. That kind of stuff.

If you think you could be a good BETA reader, click the button opposite to download the BETA guidelines as a PDF for the second novel [title to be revealed later]. This has the rough word and page counts, a very basic synopsis which hasn't been edited or rewritten yet, but is enough to give you a flavour of the book.

Like what you see, email me to be added to the list, and I'll be in touch.

Please only accept to do this if you can 100% commit to reading and replying within that time-frame. I fully understand how busy life can get, and that things can get in the way of good intentions, especially with all the crazy that is still happening right now, but it is vital you don't over-commit yourself